How to Take Full-Body Pictures of Yourself With a Phone? A Complete Guide

Pictures are an essential aspect of capturing memories or showing your outfit of the day. Today we will discuss full-body pictures and different ways to take full-body pictures with the phone.

While you can take your solo pictures by placing your phone on a tripod and taking mirror selfies, there are many hidden methods that we are going to discuss in this post on how to take full-body photos effortlessly.

Different Methods to Take Pictures by Yourself

If we started to describe every method available to date, you might have to spend several hours on our website. Because we love our audience, we don’t want to bore you. So cutting to the chase, here’s how to take full-body pictures of yourself with a phone.

The Standard Method (Tripod Method)

In this technique, you’ll get maximum results with minimal effort. But if you are looking to get the best body shots with just a click you’re going to need some equipment:

  • Tripod
  • A good camera phone
  • A shutter release button

After getting these items, here’s how to mount them in your favorite place and get started with the photo shoot, just like a professional photographer:

  1. Starting with the basics, mount your phone on the tripod
  2. We prefer to use the rear camera, but you can also use the front one
  3. Place a mark on the floor where you are going to stand. This mark could be any object
  4. Adjust the tripod’s slight angle, so you don’t end up with headless photos
  5. Connect the shutter button to your phone
  6. Under a natural or professional studio light, get yourself on the mark
  7. Take several pictures with different poses
  8. Select and edit your favorite shot, and it’s ready to upload

For close-up shots, place the tripod closer to you while altering its height, then follow the same method to get amazing photos in close up.

You may need some practice, but once you get used to your mark and posing, it will be easier.

The Efficient Method (Full-Body Photos Without a Tripod)

Not everybody has a good quality tripod. That is why there should be an efficient yet effective method for excellent pictures. You can click your photos without a tripod or with a shutter button:

  1. First, start by choosing a background
  2. To the opposite side, select a base with a support that can hold mobile phones
  3. Add or remove the object to alter its height
  4. Once you get your desired height and distance, place your front or rear camera on the tripod, adjusting it with the marker
  5. Select a ten-second timer in the camera
  6. Make sure the picture is in focus
  7. Tap on the shutter button and run to your marker
  8. Now pose around a marker under flattering light
  9. When the timer gets off, the camera will automatically capture the picture

You have done amazing shots with some flattering angles. Now edit and enjoy your photos.

Mirror Selfies

How to Take Full-Body Pictures of Yourself With a Phone


One of the most promising methods of taking full-body pictures is through mirror selfies. The mirror acts as a great reflection and gives you some amazing pictures while using the portrait mode. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Open your phone’s rear camera or any other camera
  2. Stand in front of a full-body mirror, making sure there is adequate overhead lighting around the mirror
  3. Now focus the camera and adjust the depth of field
  4. Give a natural smile and pose and click the photo. And you’re done!

Mirror selfies are one of the easiest photos you can take by yourself. This method is great for people of every size and height, especially tall people, who have difficulties taking their full-body photos by themselves.

How to Take a Full-body Selfie by Yourself?

We talked about taking full-body pictures, and now it’s time to take somebody’s selfies. You can do so with the help of a selfie stick! It is easy to mount and can give you a full-body picture if you use a wide-angle lens to take selfies with friends as well.

There are several types of selfie sticks that have both a shutter button and a separate button. You might feel awkward traveling with them for the first time, but once you get used to them, they will give a perfect shot of your entire figure.

Tips for Capturing Full-length Photos

  • Focus on Lighting

A good picture always depends on its lighting. On a sunny day out, natural lighting serves best. If the setting doesn’t have natural lighting, you can try some indoor lighting like ring lights.

A bright and warm light should complement your skin and background. Remember that bad lighting can ruin all the pictures.

  • Angles

Whether it’s aerial shots, close up, or profile shots, make sure you know your body angles. Never go for up shots as they are unappealing and least attractive. Try to take photos for a higher and lean angle with a natural smile.

  • Plain Face

Straight shots might look easy and good but are not that attractive. Try to give some dimension to your face and pose with your good side.

  • Be Natural

If you over-pose, photos will end up cringe-worthy, and you don’t want that. Keep yourself as natural by doing the following:

  • Keep your shoulders retracted
  • Do not bend or over pose
  • Give a natural smile and genuine body angles

Your body pictures will look as amazing as never before, so don’t forget to try these tips.

Final Words

How to take full-body pictures of yourself with the phone is not a question anymore, as you now know several different methods to do it. It includes using a tripod, a technique without needing a tripod, some mirror selfies, and pictures using a selfie stick.

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