How to Clean Your Phone Camera Lens (3 Methods)

Smartphones are not just devices of communication today. Most people use them to take photographs, and some even use them for professional photography. But the lens of your phone camera lens is bound to get dirty over time, so how do you clean your phone camera lens?

There are several ways to clean phone camera lenses. The best methods are to clean your phone camera lens with either a microfiber cloth – folded into a triangle, a can of compressed air to blow away the sand and dust, or a lens pen to brush away dust and sand. 

When cleaning your precious phone camera lens so that you can take fantastic professional-looking photography, several steps should be made use of when using the methods outlined above. When cleaning your phone camera lens, there are several precautions to consider, like avoiding a rough piece of fabric. All these tips and steps outlined below will help you take better professional-looking photography with your smartphone.


What Are The Best Ways To Clean Your Phone Camera Lens?

Smartphones have become a necessity in our daily lives. No longer do we use it for phone calls and messaging only. We use it for a range of things, such as storing documents and photographs. For most of us, it is also our go-to camera. Nowadays, smartphones can take beautiful, professional-looking photographs.

Unfortunately, because we use our smartphones daily, like when we eat or even store them in our pockets, smudges, dirt, and dust are bound to pop up. Because of the reasons above that will inevitably dirty the camera lens, it is vital to keep it clean regularly.

You can clean your phone lens with either a microfiber cloth, compressed air, or a lens pen:


How To Clean Your Phone Lens With A Microfiber Cloth

Using a microfiber cloth to clean your phone lens will help you get rid of fingerprints, dust, and other smudges.

  1. Fold the microfiber cloth into a triangle. Using a microfiber cloth like this will help you get into those tiny corners of the lens.
  2. Ever so slightly, breathe on the lens of your phone camera.
  3. With the folded microfiber cloth, gently and softly rub it counterclockwise.
  4. Also, do the same with the camera flash, as a dirty flash will also negatively impact the quality of your photography.
  5. When all smudges and fingerprints and dust are gone from the lens, your job is done.
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You can now once again take beautiful photographs with your handy smartphone.

How To Clean Your Phone Camera Lens With Compressed Air

Making use of a can of compressed air to clean your phone camera lens is another great option. It makes no contact with the actual phone lens, which minimizes the chances of accidentally scratching your lens while cleaning it.

  1. Depending on the can of compressed air, you should most likely give it a good shake before making use of it.
  2. Before releasing the air from the can, make sure that you keep the nozzle about a foot away from your phone lens.
  3. Release the air from the nozzle of the can of compressed air.
  4. Keep blowing it, especially in small corners, until all the dust and sand is nowhere to be seen on the phone camera lens.

After thoroughly blowing out all dust and sand from the phone camera lens, your phone will be ready to use again for photography.


How To Clean Your Phone Camera Lens With A Lens Pen

A lens pen is one of the best devices to use when cleaning your phone camera lens. It is a popular cleaning solution that is also used to clean professional camera lenses. It will help to remove sand, dust, fingerprints, and any other smudges.

  1. First, make sure that your phone camera lens is free of heavy moisture, such as water. To do this, make use of a microfiber cloth as mentioned above.
  2. Afterward, extend the lens pen’s retractable brush.
  3. Gently begin wiping your phone camera lens, focusing on getting rid of dust and sand. Breath lightly on the lens if it refuses to come off and continue wiping gently.
  4. Retract the brush back into the lens pen.
  5. After doing what is mentioned above, now make us of the cleaning tip to clean smudges like fingerprints. Turn the lens pen around and remove the cap of the cleaning tip.
  6. With the cleaning tip, gently wipe the lens in a circular motion until all the smudges are gone.
  7. Place the cap back onto the cleaning tip.

Your phone camera lens should now be clean and ready to use.

What To Avoid When Cleaning My Phone Camera Lens

There are a few things to avoid when cleaning a phone camera lens. Like a regular camera lens, your phone camera lens is also sensitive to several procedures many of you may think are acceptably safe.

  • Avoid using rough fibers like toilet paper or facial tissues. Using cloths with rough fibers will very likely scratch your lens in the process of cleaning it.
    • Toilet paper and facial tissues can shed parts of themselves. The shedding of these products will cause more dust on your lens.
  • Avoid using any chemicals that would usually be used for cleaning other products, like alcohol. Making use of chemicals to clean your phone camera lens will only damage its quality.


What Are The Best Microfiber Cloths?

Below are some of the best microfiber cloths on the market:

  1. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  2. Koala Lens Cleaning Cloth
  3. Progo Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


What Are The Best Compressed Air Cannisters?

Below is a list of the best cans of compressed air available:

  1. Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Air
  2. Blow Off Duster Compressed Air
  3. WD-40 Electrical Cleaner


What Are The Best Lens Pens?

Below are a list of the best lens pens money could buy:

  1. LensPen NLP-1
  2. Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System
  3. LENSPEN MiniPro



Taking care of your phone camera lens is incredibly important. Take care of it as you would take care of a traditional camera’s lens. Taking care of your phone camera lens can easily be done using a microfiber cloth, a can of compressed air, and a lens pen.

The smartphone’s cameras are only getting better. Phones today can be used to take professional-looking photography. Like a traditional camera lens, take care of your phone camera lens with extra care.