How Much 4k Video Can 128GB Hold? A Comprehensive Guide

Doesn’t it feel amazing to watch 4k ultra-high-definition videos and movies? Do you also have a 128GB memory card? If so, that’s great! But how much 4k video can 128 GB hold?

A 4k resolution with a 60fps frame rate can save more than five hours’ worth of video. Plus, its saving capacity changes with various factors continually altering in a 4k video.

For more detail, we gathered all the information regarding the 4k video storage space of a 128GB memory below.

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A Brief Introduction to 4k Videos

Several resolutions exist to this date, but one of the finest details is the 4k resolution. 4k resolution means a cinematic pixel of 4096X2160p and a television resolution of 3840×2160-pixel images. That 4096p and 3840p are 4k videos as the horizontal pixel length that never changes.

Uses of 4k videos

There are several places where 4k video recording gets widely used. These include:

  • Extended time-lapse video recording of nature
  • Movies
  • Blogging
  • Cool video content on YouTube

Is 4k Better than 1920×1080-Pixel Images?

Absolutely yes! A video with a 4k display gives a brighter, sharper, detailed, and crispier look than a 1080 one. That’s why it is preferred for cinematic video recording and vlogging. While the horizontal pixel length remains the same, the pixel height varies.

4k Video Storage Capacity of a 128Gb Memory

The storage capacity is different depending on each case. Let’s dive into more detail.

How Much 4k Video Can 128GB Hold


4k Video Recording Time per GB

An HD image can occupy thirty MB of memory space, but when it comes to videos, things are different. An ultra HD 4k only gives a Video Recording Time of 2 to 3.5 minutes in each GB.

This time varies with frame rates, pixels, and other factors.

Average SD Card Capacity of 4k Video Recording

In a 4k resolution, a 128 GB card can record anywhere between forty minutes to two hours, depending on the recording rate.

  • At 100 Mbps, an 128GB SD card stores up to two hours and forty minutes worth of video
  • At 150mbps, the SD card records approximately two hours worth of videos
  • At 200mbps, the recording times decrease to one and half hours due to high bitrate
  • At 400mbps, the fastest recording rate the card can load only forty minutes’ worth of video despite the great quality.

How Much 4k Video Can 128bg Hold in Hours?

There are several durations of Video Hours at variable frame rates. Mentioned below are the most used versions of 4k resolution that you will find in vlogs, movies, gameplay, GoPro videos, and many more.

  1. At twenty-four frames(24) per second, it can record up to sixteen Video Hours of recording on the HEVC encoding method and more than eight hours of recording on h.264 encoding
  2. Spotlighting on 60 fps video gives extraordinary video quality but at the cost of extra space. Typically, a 4k video with this fps can record or save up to five hours and twenty minutes in a 128GB memory card
  3. In the midline lies 30 fps, so it will have a storage space somewhere in the middle. In 128GB memory, it can record almost twelve hours of video in HEVC encoding and six hours in H.264 encoding.

128GB Memory Card Storage Capacity in 4k Videos

We have already talked about its storage capacity in minutes, but what about in terms of videos? To give you a general idea, let us share an example.

If you have a 128GB memory card and record a Four-Minute Video in 4k resolution and 60fp frame rate, you can record almost seventy-four videos provided the durations and features are kept the same.

If you alter any of these time duration or other details, it will directly affect the storage capacity, and the number of recorded videos will decrease automatically.

4k Video File Size per Minute

Firstly, in a 60-second video, a 24fps 4k video will occupy 130-270 MB of space. Secondly, at the same time but with thirty frames per second, it will eat up space of 170-335MB in 128GB memory. Lastly, at 60fps, the space occupancy will increase up to 400 or more MBS.

Factors influencing 4k videos sizes

Several features alter video quality and affect the video size. Let’s have a better look at the factors affecting video storage size.

Video Bitrate

As its name suggests, video bitrate relates to the motion of the picture and is the number of bits captured in a second. Video files with large bitrates are sharp and ultra high definition videos, and the ones with low video nitrate have the opposite effect.

The bit rate is measured in Mbps. In short, the higher the bitrate, the finer the video shot, which will require a bigger video storage capacity.

Frame Rate

Frame rate is the total amount of video frames captured in a second. The higher frame rates result in smoother video transitions and remove any glitches. Plus, with high fps, video file size automatically increases.


Time is a crucial factor. An hour-long 4k video will occupy less space than a two to three-hour-long video.

Additional File

Often, the memory card is not only used for video storage. There are many photos included that are high definition and thus, occupy more space. Automatically, the room for storing more HD video files decreases.

How Can You Store a Large Video File Size in Less space?

The answer is simple. Through compression action, it’s easier to store 4k files in fewer spaces. Doing so will allow you to compress your file through the VLC media player compressor effortlessly.

Final words

This article described how much 4k video can 128GB hold. Surprisingly, the results are very good if you are willing to use 4k cameras with a card size of 128GB. We also described the different storage capacities of SD cards under various conditions for extra clarity.

We hope everything was clear!

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