How Many Pictures Can 128GB Hold? A Thorough Review

A good memory is essential for capturing pictures. There are various memory cards, and the most commonly used is 128 GB. But how many pictures can 128 GB hold?

Typically, a good and high-speed 128 GB memory can hold anywhere between four thousand to thirty-seven thousand images, depending on the quality. So how much quality am I giving up for more storage? Here’s the lowdown.

Types of Images and File Size

To get full command of how much photo capacity a 128GB has, we need to study different photo formats and the picture quality that affects the storage. There are three types of images:

JPEG Files and Images

These are the most popular image file formats that everybody uses daily. It is a compressed format present in your mobile and professional cameras. Jpeg only retains the details in vital images and removes the others.

Even though they are most widely used, there are many limitations to post edit jpeg files professionally. A jpeg file occupies 7MB of space.

RAW Image

The difference between jpeg and RAW format is that every single detail of the image is captured. This allows you to have full command in the RAW format to edit and change every slight detail.

Because of their high image quality, RAW images are easy to edit and enhance in processing. Each uncompressed image formats file holds 30 Mb on the memory card, so they occupy more memory card space.

DNG Files

DNG files have a close resemblance to RAW’s photo, but their post-processing methods are different. These pictures are easy to open on Adobe editing programs, standard computers, or any editing device. They also share only 30 Mb size of each image memory.

How Many Pictures Can a 128GB Hold? A Detailed Answer

We have gathered all the information regarding image storage in a 128 GB memory card size.

JPEG Images

As per our calculation, a single jpeg has a 7 Mb image file size, so in 128GB memory you can easily hold up to 18000 to 35000 images. The number varies depending upon camera quality.

How Many Pictures Can 128GB Hold

If the camera is twelve megapixels of capturing quality, it can save almost thirty-five thousand images. On the other hand, a high-quality image from a twenty-four-megapixel camera can store up to 2500 images.

RAW Files Storage

RAW files have higher image quality and better detailing. In a 128 GB memory, you can add up to 4300 raw file images. If the resolution and detailing increase, the number of spared images decreases significantly.

DNG files

As with RAW pictures, DNG can save more than four thousand pages or less depending on its quality.

File Storage in Various Devices

After calculating storage capacity in 128 GB in terms of average file size, now it’s time to consider different devices. Based on their memories, if a device has an internal storage of 128GB, the number of images it can hold varies.


A phone with 128 GB memory can store more than twenty-five thousand images at a time.


DSLRs, like Nikon D7100 and Canon 7D, are used for maximum photo resolution and high-quality images. That’s why they are preferred for advanced photography.

As for its storage, the DSLR can store thirteen thousand standard pictures and three to six thousand raw images. In short, it all depends on fine detailing.


GoPro is popular because of its high-quality image and video capturing in a small device. Spotlighting on its capacity, it can hold more than thirty thousand images in 128GB memory.

Factors Altering the Image Storing Size

Several characteristics influence the image size and storage capacity as well as the over space within a memory card. The main factors are listed below.

Shooting Features

Many imaging features, including shutter quality, portrait, or landscape photos, are more detailed than standard ones, thus occupying more space. So if you prefer ISO photos or shot in burst mode, be ready to give your memory card fewer photos than normal.


The higher the resolution, the bigger the image size you’d get. And when the image size increases, fewer pictures are stored in a 128 GB memory card.

Accessory Files

Even we know that we cannot keep memory only for photos, especially in the mobile version. So, when you install an accessory application, videos, or files on your phone or other devices, less storage would be available for your photos.

Which Memory Card Should You Have?

There are several types of memory cards available, which are discussed below.

  1. SD cards: SD cards are the most commonly used tools as there is a lot for them in every device. They are flat and better versions of the flash drive.
  2. Micro SD card: These cards are the miniature version of SD cards and are perfect for devices with smaller slots like drones.
  3. CF cards: these are the largest size memory card used for professional purposes. They are not used nowadays as SD cards have replaced them.

Is 128GB Memory Worth It?

Nowadays, 128 GB is used on phones and is even preferred by professional photographers for greater space. It helps them to capture their images easily without losing space. In short, it’s a great choice for both amateurs and professionals.

Final Words

In this guide, we talked about how many pictures can 128GB hold. Well, every image type has a different storage capacity. For JPEG photos, you can store 35000 of these images, while for RAW files, it ranges from four to five thousand, and the same goes for DNG.

We also discussed different types of memory cards with a storage of 128GB. These memory cards are of good importance for everyone.

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