Why are Most Cameras Made in Japan?

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Like many, I am always interested in the latest camera technology.  My current favorite is the Sony A7Siii.  This camera is extremely user-friendly with great internal stabilization and it performs well in low light conditions.  It is also a Japanese brand.  So why are most cameras Japanese? Most cameras are Japanese simply because the 3 … Read more

How To Brighten Eyes In Lightroom

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Adobe Lightroom is high-quality photo editing software used by many professional and amateur photographers. It includes all the necessary features you need to create and edit images flawlessly. Portrait photographers focus on details such as a person’s eyes to enhance the portrait and make the eyes more expressive, so how can you brighten eyes in … Read more

Are All Canon Lenses Compatible?

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Your camera lenses are an essential piece of equipment you own. You probably have a wide selection of Canon lenses that you use for various purposes, and you may have upgraded your Canon camera body a few times. With so many lenses in your collection, you might be asking yourself the question, “Are all Canon … Read more

How Much Does A Wildlife Photographer Make?

How Much Does a Wildlife Photographer Make?

When I think of dream jobs, wildlife photographer is definitely right up there with chocolate taster and waterslide tester. Think of it! Nothing but flora, fauna, and your trusty camera for co-workers, and your office, well…the entire world is your office. You get to travel around the globe, snapping majestic shots of wonderful creatures and … Read more