How do point and shoot Cameras differ from SLR Cameras?

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Are you unclear as the the differences between a point and shoot and SLR camera? No need to worry, after reading this article, you’ll have no confusion between the two. The major difference between a point and shoot camera and an single-lens reflex (SLR) camera are the lenses and viewfinder. SLR cameras capture exactly what … Read more

What is the Difference Between Digital and Traditional Photography?

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To differentiate between digital and traditional photography, first, let’s define the concept and characteristics of traditional and digital photography. If you know exactly what traditional and digital photography is, it will help you to understand the difference better. The major difference between a digital and traditional photography: with traditional photography, also known as traditional film … Read more

How to Tell If Your Camera Sensor is Damaged

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Are you looking for a way to tell if your camera sensor is damaged or not? Your camera’s sensor is the device that captures that light in order to form an image. If it’s damaged keep in mind that does not only mean that you can see that the sensor is broken or scratches from … Read more

How to Connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera?

How to Connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera

If you’re looking for the easiest way to know how to connect a BNC connector to a CCTV camera, then you came to the right article. The process of connecting a BNC connector with a CCTV camera is very easy and simple. All you need to do is to follow the instructions below, and you’ll … Read more

How to Focus the Infinity Nikon 18-55mm

How to Focus to Infinity Nikon 18-55mm

In today’s guide, we will provide you information on how to Focus to Infinity Nikon 18-55mm without indicator. Many of us have no idea what infinity focus is? How does it work? What is its purpose? Is this help us to improve our photography and so on. It’s very easy to focus to infinity using … Read more

Where is the Serial Number on a Vivitar camera?

Where is the Serial Number on a Vivitar camera

If you want to know where the serial number on a Vivitar camera is, then keep reading this article, and you’ll know all your answers. The reason it’s hard to find Vivitar serial numbers is that they never published any documentation of serial numbers. The second reason is they didn’t manufacture all cameras and lenses, … Read more

How to Use a Disposable Camera

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Disposable cameras, AKA single use cameras are fun and easy to use. This quick read will make you an expert! If you don’t want to “dispose” of the camera after using it, I will also tell you how to reload it. Even today there are uses for the good-old disposable. Leave one on each table … Read more