How To Start a Photography Business With No Experience

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Do you have a passion for photography? Are you looking for a way to turn your hobby into a full-time business? If so, you’re in luck! This is the ultimate guide to starting a photography business with no experience. First, you’ll need to determine if starting a photography business is the right decision for you. … Read more

How A Camera Obscura Works & How to Make One

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The camera obscura, also referred to as a pinhole image, was used in the 13th century to observe the solar eclipse safely. Alchemist, astrologer and physician, Arnaldus de Villa used the invention around that time as an entertainment projector. However, photographers and other artists only started employing the camera obscura during the 15th century. So, … Read more

How to Fix Overexposed Photos in Adobe Lightroom

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Adobe Lightroom is an innovative image-altering software and a must-have regardless of the type of photography you do. Have you ever been so excited to take a look at the images you took, only to be disappointed once you see the results? Were your images overexposed, and you are struggling to make them perfect? How … Read more

Why are Most Cameras Made in Japan?

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Like many, I am always interested in the latest camera technology.  My current favorite is the Sony A7Siii.  This camera is extremely user-friendly with great internal stabilization and it performs well in low light conditions.  It is also a Japanese brand.  So why are most cameras Japanese? Most cameras are Japanese simply because the 3 … Read more