Best Disposable Cameras For A Wedding

Your wedding day should be one of the most special days in your life and you will want to remember it always. Pictures are usually instrumental for this purpose, even if the pictures were taken on a simple disposable camera. You do want your pictures to be good-quality though, so the question is, which disposable cameras are the best for wedding photos?

Some of the best disposable cameras for weddings include brands like Kodak, Fuji Film, AgfaPhoto LeBox, Ilford, Lomography, and Novocolor. These cameras as well as several others can be found at Walmart and most other superstores. They can also be bought on

You may be wondering, will a disposable camera do the job at a wedding and produce good pictures? You can find the answer to that question right here! Read on to learn about some of the best disposable cameras that you can and should use at a wedding.

Best Disposable Cameras

As mentioned before, the best disposable cameras come in brands like Kodak, Fuji Film, Ilford, and all the other listed names. If you want to take some fun and meaningful candid photos, here are the cameras that will do the job right.



Kodak has dominated the photography industry for quite a while, so it’s no surprise that several Kodak disposable cameras would be included here. Firstly, we have the Kodak FunSaver single-use camera. This brightly colored little gadget comes with a built-in flash which offers a four to ten-foot range of view. While most cameras only offer twenty-seven exposures, the FunSaver offers a generous offering of thirty-nine exposures in color.

The FunSaver comes packaged in a sturdy plastic case which makes it a fairly durable choice. Unlike delicate, high-tech cameras, this one will be able to withstand a few knocks and bangs without losing its ability to function. The only possible downside to using this camera is the fact that the flash has to charge before it can be used. Otherwise, the FunSaver is a smart choice in every aspect.


The Kodak Flash is also a pretty good choice for disposable camera fans. This camera is loaded with 800-speed film and provides twenty-seven exposures. Most disposable cameras are on the smaller side, but the Flash is an especially small and lightweight camera. This makes it ideal if you need to slip it into your pocket at a moment’s notice or carry it around with you at the wedding event. The camera is simple and easy to use and will give you plenty of opportunities for candid photos.


Fuji Film

Like Kodak, Fuji Film has also been a very dominant brand in the photography industry. One of the best cameras that Fuji Film offers is the Fuji Film Quicksnap Flash. While it is not the most sophisticated camera out there, the Quicksnap will serve you well enough in brightly lit conditions, though it does have flash and should work well in dimmer lighting conditions too. It should be able to get the job done without any problems.

Fuji Film also creates cameras that come in packs of two, three, and four, giving you an additional number of shots that can be taken at your wedding reception. These packs are often more expensive than individual cameras (some of the cheapest packs can be found on Amazon for somewhere around $24 or more).

AgfaPhoto LeBox

AgfaPhoto LeBox 10 pack

The AgfaPhoto LeBox 400 is one of this brand’s most popular cameras for weddings. Because this camera is inexpensive and simple, it can be passed around at a wedding reception or other party/event without any worry about any damage that might ensue. The photos of a 400 are also remarkably easy to get processed, making it a fairly convenient choice.


Ilford Black and White disposable camera

For those who would like to add a vintage flair to their wedding reception, Ilford has manufactured several monochrome shooters. One such black and white camera is the Ilford XP2 Black and White. This camera does come with a flash which, for black and white photos, can add a powerful visual punch. EVERYONE looks better in black and white! The film can be slightly tricky to get used to, but the XP2 is an otherwise fun and easy option. Like the Afga Photo LeBox 400, it is very easy to have processed.


Wedding Themed Design

10-pack disposable cameras for wedding

I LOVE this 10 Pack – Disposable Camera for Weddings; they’re soooo pretty! The white roses reflect the wedding decor while not clashing with your color scheme. There is a built-in flash. Each single-use camera holds 27 photos. If you do the math that’s 270 photos — there are guaranteed to be some winners with that many pics!

If you are the bride or groom-to-be shopping for these cameras congratulations!!! I hope your wedding day is perfect. Providing disposable cameras is a great way of capturing the moments. Even if you have a professional photographer it’s fun for your guests and you’re sure to get some fun candid shots:)

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